Similar to any MOBA games in Android and iOS. You definitely want to get your hands on premium items such as tokens, gems, and gold in Heroes Evolved for you to become one of the best player in the game. The problem is it would costs you hundreds to thousands of dollars to buy all the in-game items that you need, or simply the heroes and skins that you want. Not to mention, you also need to level up your jewels to be able to compete with other players who are really serious with this game.

If you just arrived on this page, then you must celebrate as you will be able to learn how to get free tokens in Heroes Evolved without spending real money. Yes! You don’t need to use your credit card or PayPal or whatever method of purchasing as you will be able to get unlimited gems, unlimited gold, and unlimited tokens for the game by simply following the instructions in this website. To start generating free token, click the button below.

How to get free tokens in Heroes Evolved

To use our heroes evolved hack tool, once you have click the generate button above. You need to provide your username or email associated with your account. You also need to choose the platform that you are using to play the game. It doesn’t matter if your iPhone was Jailbreak or Android phone was rooted, even it is not. You can use our generator without having any problems as long as you follow these simple steps.

Next step will be about security where in you need to select a specific proxy server. Choose from US, Canada, France, and UK. What is important is you don’t skip this step. Then after that you will be able to choose the amount of tokens, gems, and gold that you want to redeem. Default values are 50,000 heroes evolved tokens, 50,000 heroes evolved gems, and 50,000 heroes evolved gold coins. You can simply adjust these amounts depending on your preference. Then click the generate resource button and wait for the final step which is human verification.

This final step was created by our team to prevent the tool from being abused by other users. We don’t allow using automated tools to generate unlimited tokens for Heroes evolved 24/7 that’s why we added this extra measure to make sure everyone will get their prize/rewards.

What can I do with Heroes Evolved Tokens?

Tokens are really a valuable in-game items in Heroes Evolved. There are lots of things you can do with it such as the following:

  • Play Lucky wheel and win amazing prizes such as heroes, skins, hero shards, secret shop points, gold, gems
  • Buy Jewel pack (mage jewel pack, tank jewel pack, ranged jewel pack, assassin jewel pack,
  • Buy Hero bundle
  • Buy Shard box
  • Buy Skin Shard Box
  • Buy Hero Shard Box
  • Buy Deluxe Gems Bag
  • Buy special hero pack
  • Buy Premium newbie pack
  • Buy sprint gift pack (exp gold x 2)
  • Buy clan name change card
  • Buy name change card
  • Buy Dragos shard
  • Buy gems month card to get 30 gems for 30 days
  • Buy Gems level card to earn up to 3000 gems for leveling up
  • Buy 10 wins gift pack to earn double gold and exp
  • Buy luxury voucher box – Lucky wheel token voucher x 20
  • Buy Special voucher box – Lucky wheel token voucher x 10

Heroes Evolved is a one of the fastest growing MOBA (massive online battle arena) game in Google Play Store, having more than 5 millions downloads as of this point of writing with 4.3 star ratings which is an excellent rating.

Heroes Evolved is also unique on its own as the game heroes are really designed very well with unique set of active and passive skills. I also love the new game modes being released such as 3vs3 game modes, adventure mode, and many more.

There are also unique game features that Mobile Legends doesn’t have such as warding, teleport skills is unlocked, etc.

When you have unlimited tokens, you can also buy VIP that gives you amazing in game benefits such as name color, exclusive icon, minor and major frame also known as avatar border. VIP membership had levels from 1 up to level 8 with different amazing benefits such as free gold, free gems, free hero shard, free skin shard, free heroes evolved points that you can used for secret shop.

Imagine if you have access to free tokens, you will be able to buy all the epic and premier skins in the game. You can also upgrade your jewels, buy tokens to get skin shards and hero shard. Almost anything you will be able to buy when you use our Heroes Evolved hack tool for free.

Is this tool really free to use and safe?

Using our free tokens generator is definitely safe and free. If you are not confident to use our tool, you can try it first on a new heroes evolved account if you are worried that your account will be banned or suspended. We also used our own tool and we are 100% sure your account will be safe and it will not be hack or compromise.

Can I share this to a friend?

Yes definitely! The more friends that you can refer to our site, the better. Just be sure don’t use our tool for commercial purpose where in you charge other people a certain amount for giving them free gems, gold and tokens to their Heroes Evolved account. We have created this tool totally for free!